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Our goal at Modaka Kennels is to produce a dog

that is a pleasure to follow in coverts, on foot, without excessive handling and hacking. Our entire focus is the "cover"dog, the walking shooting dog, exclusively.

We train to match your dog's temperament. While some trainers do best with bold dogs, others are more successful with easier going types. We at Modaka Kennels believe in matching our training to the temperament of the individual dog. We have no pat system as such, other than to understand each dog before serious training begins. In dog training, the one-size fits all is a recipe for failure

It takes time, experience, plenty of bird exposure, and infinite patience to develop a happy, stylish, reliable performer.  Shortcut methods and gimmicks just don't cut it in this, the most specialized type of gun dog training. Patience, Persistence, and Praise are our watchwords. Hard work is our custom, and of course, lots of birds.

Modaka Kennels offers a flexible program of training and/or conditioning to meet your specific objectives and your dog's current stage of development. Our flexible program is easily adapted to gun dogs or

field trial prospects as determined through mutual agreement between the owner and us.

Vance enjoys helping owners in the development of their gun dogs and has written training articles published in Pointing Dog Journal and Bird Dog & Retriever News.

We encourage owners to participate with us, from time to time, in the training process. As an owner you play a very important part. You need to be educated on what level your dog has reached in its training, how to react to different situations that might occur in the field and trained to use the

e-collar if necessary. We want you and your bird

dog to function as a team. Scheduled visits are always appreciated.

































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