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Not all bird dog trainers are created equal.

Vance Butler is atypical in the dog training world.  He actually cares as much about the shoe leather bird hunter as he does his own string of world class trial dogs.  My female setter, having been nearly ruined at the hands of a so called professional, was saved by Vance.  The amount of effort needed to accomplish this proves that Vance will work hard to satisfy both hunter and trial enthusiast.  I recommend Vance Butler over all others in his business.

John Jankowski

Columbus, Ohio


"Our association with Vance Butler and Modaka Kennels has been nothing but positive. We've had three different dogs with Vance, and all have returned better for the experience. He's not only
proficient with his training, Vance genuinely cares about the dogs. We would not hesitate in highly recommending Vance Butler."

Richard & Jennifer Wyatt
Heartland Setters
Fairmount, IL

Blue Saphire


I truly trust, and recommend Vance Butler as your next bird dog trainer or handler. I sent him a soft young dog that ran wild, and out of control all over the place. This dog would cover 300 to 400 yards in whatever direction she felt was best. It was nothing less than frustrating to try and handle this dog without an E-Collar. At the end of the three month period, I picked up a well controlled first year shooting dog, which was steady to wing and shot with plenty of style to burn. I have not been anything less than pleased with the training, and care of my dog. Based on my own personnel experience Vance is, and will be the only trainer and handler I will be using for any of my dogs!

Terry W Boatright
Lapeer, Mi

Roughwoods Zena


As a client of Vance Butler, I can say that he will give your dog the time and effort needed to develop a classy, hard hunting gun dog. Your ultimate goal might be to just have a fine hunting
dog or in my situation, I needed some rough edges rounded-off my trial prospect.

My pointer came home from Vance's Modaka Kennels in outstanding athletic condition and in good health. In the field, the dog exhibited an improved ground pattern that put her into objectives that would likely produce birds.

I recommend the services that Vance can provide to hunters, and to those looking for a professional trainer/handler for the field trial game.

Reg Durant, Publisher
Daily Telegram Adrian, Mi

"At last, a true grouse dog professional in Michigan. Haven't had that since Roy Strickland passed away more than twenty years ago.

Keep it up, Vance.

Ken Bultema
Newaygo, Mi

"Self-styled authorities and would-be experts gave me all kinds of ideas on how to get my much-loved setter, Dolly, to quit 'dancing' around the bird. Nothing worked until I turned her over
to Vance Butler. Dolly now stands still in the presence of game, with style and intensity, thanks to Vance. Last fall it was my privilege to hunt grouse and woodcock with Vance and some of the pointers and setters he bred and trained. They were superb performers!

John Rogers
Delaware, Ohio

I purchased a pointer from Vance Butler about three years ago. This is a highly intelligent animal with excellent bird finding qualities. Her health was excellent and remains excellent. I use this dog strictly for hunting, and her stamina in the field is truly unbelievable. I never have any problems finding a hunting partner, "That's for sure"!!!

Nick Defrancesco
Saginaw, Mi

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