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Modaka English Setters and Pointers

We breed for excellence as related to the grouse dog/cover dog/walking shooting dog in both our Pointers and English Setters (The requirements are considerably different, in many respects, from those of the "open country" or horseback hunted bird dogs even though such qualities as keen nose, smooth gait, stamina, breathtaking style on point and while running, Intensity, and bird handling smarts" may be                                                                        universally applied).

Close attention is paid to the pedigree, of course. But bloodlines alone are insufficient as a criteria for breeding. It is the performance, attitude, trainability, handling of game, stamina and other qualities of the individual dog that must be demonstrated before a Modaka breeding is authorized.

It is our belief that the female contributes fully 60% of inherited characteristics, based on our experience, a view that some may find controversial but few can truly dispute.

Let us know if you would like more information on planned litters and availability. A deposit of $150 is required for upcoming pups.

Stud Dogs or Brood Matrons



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